Purely out of curiosity...
...what News Channel do you watch in the Real World?

Maggie became close to a little kid while in Africa.
He used to beg her to read to him... the same book,
over & over again... even though it was pretty clear
that he wasn't able to fully comprehend English.
He'd sit in her lap for hours touching her hair as
she read to him because he'd "never seen anyone
with hair that color before".

It was pretty clear that having been orphaned in the
on-going civil war, that what he really wanted was
to be wanted... he'd chosen Maggie as his surrogate
mother, and being pretty "needy" herself at that
moment in time, Maggie bonded with him in return.

The day of the attack by rebel forces, he came running
to her only to find her not there, when Maggie noticed
he was missing she instinctively knew he would have
run to her... and indeed they found him cowering under
her bed........... that was the pivot point............

She dragged him out from under the bed and made a
dash for the vehicle to save his life... but in the
process, was responsible for his death (at least in
her mind) because a rebel SHOT AT HER as a moving
target.. and the little boy took the bullet instead,
so in essence, he'd saved HER Life instead.

No matter what anyone said, she couldn't help feeling
Or if it Weren't For Her HAIR That He'd Fixated On,
he would have run away with the rest of the children.

"...IF IF IF IF IF..."

I can imaging combat veterans are left to live with
those often irrational thoughts for the rest of their
lives... Maggie just wasn't equipped to deal with it.

The Ballad of Bill Hubbard

...Ali "Raz" Razzel lived with "his guilt" for 70 years...