I watch it but it irritates the crap out of me.

What you said about the "snappy" dialogue nailed it.

Also their ability to take old news, edit the crap out of it, putting in their own players, to make it like they wished it were. And always getting in subtle and not subtle slams to conservatives and Republicans while making the other side look great.

They were much better in that department this year than last but thought it funny that on the final episode they just had to jump in on it.

Like the idea that a very liberal news show , on election night, would have a conservative analyst but no liberal counterpart as their panel. That this analyst was portrayed as over the top on her comments . Then in the last moments have her get in it with Will, who has said he is Republican (but certainly doesnt act like it) who then gives a diatribe about the evils of his own party.

But then last season on the final episode, he listed these evils on a white board so the viewers could get a good look at them. Sigh.

But, I'm sure glad Will and Mac got their feelings out for each other . Man I was biting my nails out all season on this.

On a positive note. I would like to hear more details of Maggie's and Carl ( I think that's his name) situation in Africa that precipitated in her changing her hair this sounds interesting

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We are just wasting our time