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I'm updating over the air: downloaded and processed fine (although SLOW), then kept bouncing back an error during the verification saying Software Update was unavailable and to try again. For an hour or so i was flashing back to the 80's trying to buy Springsteen tickets (redial, redial, redial!) ...

Just as I started typing this, it finally verified and it appears to be updating as we speak -- just have to threaten it I guess ;-)
One of the few, the proud, the persistent. smile

I finally quit and went outside to play. The devil made me come back in and try again. I said the heck with iTunes and did it like 6 of 1 -- over the air. Started it and went outside. Don't know how much later I came back but it was ready for me to do the little things to finalize it. Did the same with both iPhone and iPad and I am now in business.

Had to change my background pictures. The font is too skinny making it light so on a light background I couldn't read stuff. Yeah,I made the font larger but that appears to be for certain apps that support that kind of enlargements.

Safari is far out! Really changed. I'll get use to it though. Don't mean I won't fuss and bitch now and then wink

Photos has an interesting touch/arrangement of pictures.