I still make it that way, but most of the time it is the old stand by of two hard scrambled egg, with melted colby cheese, and meat (spam,bacon,sausage,link sausage, smoked sausage) what ever is handy, minced onion and bell peppers (green, red, yellow, orange) all cooked in
butter at the same time then...fried diced white potatoes, and if there is time, white country pepper gravy with broken bits of sausage mixed in for added flavor spooned over the fried potatoes, 2 slices of white bread Toast with butter and strawberry jam (apple butter for something different every other day) 2 slices of home grown red tomato
on the side. salt and pepper...cup of Bigelow Constant Comment oranges and sweet spice tea with just a pinch of sugar to bring out the flavors in the tea..good for breakfast,lunch or supper