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[quote=lanovami]On a side note, it never ceases to amaze me that the Republican solution to legislation they supposedly think will damage the country is to threaten to damage the country unless it's repealed. After the past four years of Tea-Party-inspired obstruction/extortion, I think next year's congressional elections will be pretty much a touchstone as to wether this country actually wants a functioning government or simply an ideological protection racket ...

Excellent point... we don't want something to kill the country so we'll kill the economy !! crazy
Shows how illogical and emotional they are... PMS on steroids... (not just Bachmann either... throw in the Ghomerts, Pauls, and Cruzs too!)

This could be like the 41 House votes though... they pass a BS bill in the House, goes to the Senate and in reconciliation the defunding gets left off, but the Twerps can go back and say "we voted to defund it." sick