Well much resistance arises from over use in the agricultural businesses. Animals are pumped with antibiotics to make them grow faster and more disease free. Some of these bugs like Salmonella get their resistance there and then get transferred to humans ! Eliminate that.

We need to start targeting antibiotic use to specific organisms & infections instead of docs prescribing the latest drug the some Rx detail salesman pushed ( for which the doc might get a kickback).

As far as MRSA, that's due to several things: large concentration of highly pathogenic bugs in a small area - it IS a hospital. Large numbers of sick, read immunologically compromised, people (patients). And the prevalence of antibiotics because that may be the only thing that may save them. Not to mention the genetics of the Staph which is very robust and can adapt and evolve (for all you evolution doubters- its happening right before your eyes !!).

Scarey stuff... but don't ask Congress to act on it. They can't even pass a fscking budget or pay their debts!!! mad
David (OFI)