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Kinda knew that when you hire a gang of Aryan Brotherhood nazi-types …. things won't end well.

Marie is living on borrowed time. Jesse told Todd he made the tapes at Hank's house and that's where all the equipment is. They'll want to go get the tapes before the Feds do. Please, please don't let Flynn, Holly and Skylar come stay with Marie right now….

Many loose ends are being revealed … a nazi trip to Hank's house may tell us if Hank's weird post-trauma mineral collecting means something. Or maybe not.

Walt returned for a moment of clarity when Holly cried for her mother. That's what prompted him to make the call and let the police know that Skylar was threatened & abused. About a third of the way into the call you could see on her face that she understood what Walt was doing. The acting in that scene is as good as it gets.

So Walt called Saul's guy to make himself disappear …. taking the damn $11M barrel with him.