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Who cares about tires or details like that. Heck, the truck didn't do any damage to her car.

Who cares? I think it's interesting. It deals with procedures in making the scene. Like when cars collide, to make one car fly through the air, sometimes even spiraling upside down. It's crazy. Or cars crashing through a building moving through unscathed.

I like noticing them.

But then, I've watched LOTR and wondered how the archer never ran out of arrows.

To movies credit, anymore. They seem to count their shots more often. A lot of the time we don't see a shooter shoot 15 times with a revolver. But they still have shooters firing ten seconds or so using a ak-47 with a 30 round magazine firing 600 r/m on full auto.

Makes for better carnage, I suppose.

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