]Lots of predictions from Gary. I like it.

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someone mentioned above that the whole comversation with skylar at the end of the last episode was Walt channeling his inner Heisenberg to make Skylar
look like a controlled victim. I was so into the drama I didn't catch any of that. Duh.

Yeah Todd is only in it for self pride and to impress Lydia, they set that all up. Again good writing.

Again Mr B is bothered with the logistics smile. I noticed that hank and his buddy should've taken cover but it was too guy wrenching of a scene to let it bother me much.

As I've said before Saul is by far the least digestible plot element for me. Always providing comic relief and a magic solution an coming out unscathed and unfazed most every time. Even his pummeling was later made a joke and the questioning and tricking of his bodyguard was largely a moment of levity. And I still like the guy anyway. smile

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