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Walt is gone. Seems only Heisenberg remains. What a sad episode everyone suffered except for the nazis.

I can't figure out wtf Jack & Todd and his gang of Nazi need to cook any more because they have $70M cash. Maybe Todd has a little bit of an inferiority complex with Jesse or maybe he's just trying to impress Lydia. That will be that scarey dude's undoing.

Anyway, they all need to die soon enough. If Walt doesn't get them with his tank-busting gun, then Jesse seems likely to take someone out with a little "lab accident" chemistry. yeah, the ricin will probably take out a few nazis.

Somehow, someway, I want to see a dying Walt in a boat drifting into the sunset like all those paintings he noticed. Jesse needs redemption and maybe Walt will free him, I still have a feeling that Saul and his boys kept a barrel or two of cash for themselves when they moved it from the storage locker.