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Well, in the first episode of this season, it showed Walt at a diner with a full beard and hair, so obviously there are things left unsettled:
1) the skinhead uncle took $70 million of Walt's money. Do you think he's going to let that go?

2) While Walt called Jesse "family", in fact, Walt was only trying to get Jesse to not act the way he was. (throwing money out the window of car; his whole attitude). All that was just so that Walt didn't have to worry about Jesse. Once Walt saw Jesse with Hank, he knew that it was over with Jesse, that's why he called him a rat and pointed him out. That's the Heisenberg part of him. He leaves nothing.

3) Jesse saw the photo of the girl and Brock at the end there. is that a threat towards him to keep cooking?

4) I believe Walt didn't want Hank killed because he was family. That was Walt. But Heisenberg didn't care. The dual personality of Walt is really good acting IMO.