My friend and I let 2 episodes build up and then watch them in one sitting every two weeks, so I have been careful to stay away from here. I now believe I am caught up. 2 episodes left

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Is there really a way to go from here? Hank is dead. Everybody who didn't know about Walt and Skylar knows. I guess there is the subplot about what's going to happen to Jesse. Is Walt going to save him? I doubt it, he was happy to have him killed right there. And he gave the baby back. What else is there? This could have easily been the last episode and I wouldn't have been suprised. Having said that, I have no doubt the writers have some great drama left in store.

One other thing, I am a little confused as to why Walt seemed so desperate to save Hank, but revealed Jesse under the car, and was instantly ready to let him be killed. He called Jesse family only a little earlier in the same episode but then forgot about all that. I almost laugh at myself for being so sucked up in this. blush

I would love to be a fly on the wall when the writers of this show get together and start throwing ideas around.
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