Bill Maher, never one to hold his tongue had this to say on his show recently about Syria and American interventionism overall.

On Friday night’s edition of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the venerable host hammered U.S. foreign policy in general, but specifically as it pertains to the crisis in Syria. In the first segment of his show, back from its Augus vacation, known as “New Rules,” Maher wrapped the bit up by excoriating not just President Obama, but all the U.S. presidents who have continued to use military force to intervene in other countries’ conflicts. Perhaps Maher’s most stinging criticism was when he said that American policies in Syria made our country look like George Zimmerman, the recently acquitted killer of young Trayvon Martin.

“We need to have a debate about why we’re always debating about whether to bomb someone. Because we’re starting to look not so much like the world’s policeman, but more like George Zimmerman,” Maher told the audience both in the studio and at home. The political pundit and comedian said we act like Zimmerman because we’re “itching to use force, and then pretending we had no choice.” Those words might be a bitter pill for some in the country to swallow, but with over 60% of the population opposing the use of force in Syria, Maher may be onto something that many Americans on both sides of the aisle are feeling.
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