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Also worrisome is that most of the water that has been collected into these ever increasing tanks (independent of the problem above) has had most of it's cesium removed. But strontium and a few others are still therer. Strontium is a really bad one, causing bone cancer among others. It collects in fish and human bones. Many of the more hastily constructed tanks are starting to cause problems and some are leaking this stuff. As time passes many more tanks could start leaking more water that makes it's way to the ocean.

And I don't know if anyone heard this, but TEPCO got caught again not checking (or hoping no one else would notice) that the reason several radiation measurements were saying 100 millisieverts and no more was because that was as high as these devices' reading went. New insrumentation was brought in and in some places (in areas around the leaks) the radiation was 18 TIMES HIGHER than was realized. 18 TIMES! This is mostly an issue for those working there, but can you imagine being a worker there when you heard this?
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