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While many of the 'Climate Models' were beginning to factor-in the amount of fresh water entering the North Atlantic due to the projected melting of The Greenland Ice Sheets, they weren't prepared for the event of the relatively rapid melting of the Polar Arctic Icecap. eek

They were also expecting a dramatic shift of the Jet-Stream that mitigated the day to day weather, they were caught off-guard that it would effect the weather as rapidly and dramatically as it has.
That's my whole point, it's all just a big guess as to what Mother Nature is going to throw at us next. We give our puny selves too much credit for being able to influence such strong forces IMO.

...and my whole point was that
the climatologists knew what to expect...
...they were just shocked how fast it's happened
once we'd reached the threshold they'd predicted.

They've known that adding a sufficient amount of
fresh water to the salt water would slow the
Deep Sea Upwelling that could trigger an Ice Age,
they simply underestimated how fast the melting
of both the Polar Icecaps.

My thought is that if we've triggered a cooling
trend... it MAY HAVE Bought Us a few years to
clean up the atmosphere... if not I can make yet
another "DOOM 'n GLOOM" Prediction:

You needn't take my word for it,
watch IceRoad Truckers (or whatever that so-called
"REALITY" Show is called) and listen to the
truckers discussing their trucks getting boggged-
down in thawing slush... and Houses in Alaska
falling off their foundations and sinking into what
HAD BEEN considered "PERMA-FROST".

Then look up Methane clathrate (Hydrate)

If the cooling trend prevents the defrosting long
enough, it may buy us some time...
Piddling away that time would NOT be a smart move.

I have to leave now.. I've been called upon to cook
for a crowd.. the last gathering for the season.

I'll be back tonight.. or tomorrow.