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I love that she's from Kansas. Which is a reason you posted I suspect. A meaningful tattoo if there ever was one it seems.

Yes. I scan the headlines and normally skip over items about Miss America. The mention of the Kansas entry had me look. The girl, definitely is not my type. I don't care for Tats. Although I do like that red bikini.

Also, a MissKansas entry gets my attention in another way. I had a student of mine become a miss Kansas contestant I several years ago. A beautiful, talented African American girl. She didn't win.

Also Debbie Barnes , Miss America 1968, from Moran Kansas, was a friend of mine. We were in school together. I was two years older . She, actually, played the piano at my wedding in 1967 after she had won Miss Kansas. Of course, she played at several weddings growing up as she was quite the musician.

Debbie was true to what they portrayed her. A sweet, friendly, talented, generous gal. After high school she attended the same college as I.

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