This phenomenon is not unknown... fact, (like the sudden release of methane hydrate sequestered within the frozen thawing tundra) it was expected among climatologists for some time.

Thermohaline circulation

New study: Collapse of Atlantic Ocean circulation possible

While many of the 'Climate Models' were beginning to factor-in the amount of fresh water entering the North Atlantic due to the projected melting of The Greenland Ice Sheets, they weren't prepared for the event of the relatively rapid melting of the Polar Arctic Icecap. eek

They were also expecting a dramatic shift of the Jet-Stream that mitigated the day to day weather, they were caught off-guard that it would effect the weather as rapidly and dramatically as it has.

The recent Mid-Western Drought that cause a dramatic reduction in Wheat Production this year is already being reflected in the price of baked goods... and even BAKING Products.
I just got back from shopping... since when has All-Purpose Flour cost $5.99 for 5 pounds?
for those of us already "bumping along the bottom" baking your own bread is no longer considered an option. smile

Thank your local "Climate Change Denier" whose "wait & see" attitude has successfully kept alternate renewable energy exploration to a slow crawl for the past 30 years, while they grew fat off the carcasses of dead dinosaurs.