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Oh...so now it was his plan all along to push this issue (bombing) until they cave?
yeah, that's a good one! Come on, seriously?

Without firing a single bullet, dropping a single bomb, or not a single death, Obama's strategy forced Putin to do a complete reversal of his hardline stance on the UN and Syrian, have Syria do a complete reversal from denial that they even had chemical weapons to agreeing they'd reveal and destroy them and sign onto the international ban . and pretty much turn the GOP into diplomacy-embracing peaceniks as well as obliterating the Bush Doctrine from all future presidents.

Yes, seriously.

And President Obama obviously doesn't give a f*ck that you, the opinion polls, and the media think of his show of military force to get diplomacy, that all of this just happened all of the sudden with no planning and you want to praise Putin as a diplomatic genius. You'd think the media might be concerned about the large number of conservative pundits and Congressional Republicans who are now saying that the US military is weak, ineffective, and unable to accomplish what defense dept. leaders say they are capable of. That's kinda bad stuff to be telling our enemies out around the world.

Oh, and what Putin forgot to mention in his NYT op-ed: http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/09/12/dispatches-what-putin-didn-t-tell-american-people