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This will be easy, you don't need an external drive to transfer stuff over, but it would be a good idea to get a portable external USB powered drive to use with TimeMachine after you get the mini up and running.

Connect a Firewire 800 cable from the G5 to the mini, it doesn't come with the computer, you may need to get one.

If it's a new mini, once you start the mini, there will be an option to transfer data from another mac.

When you connect the G5 in Target Disk Mode, the hard drives will show up on the mini like external drives.

What does the connector on the end of the monitor cable look like. If it's like on the left you will need an adapter, if it's like on the right there is already an HDMI to DVI adapter in the box.

Well, that info is a relief!

Get a usb portable 1 terabyte drive.

I have a Firewire cable. Guess it is 800.

I'll check the monitor cable.

I may get this fixed before the new mini is released wink

You're a life-saver, Jim. Off to bed with me now.