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What operating system, that part is important. Go to the Apple menu, About This Mac. It will tell what version there.

If it's OS X then click on More Info, what is next to Model Identifier, probably something like PowerM ac 5,1, is it one of the old towers made out of plastic that has the door on the side with the round latch that drops down? That is important also.

I take it you meant 1 or 2 terabyte drive? How much data is on the hard drive? Click on the hard drive and go up to File/Get Info.

Yes terabyte

I forgot to click on the hard drive for info, but did take this shot:

As I recall, it has two hard drives but I don't know if they are both in the cheese grater case or one outside?

Also, it has an Apple display that looks old. Do you know if it will work with the mini mac?

It doesn't look like they have very much hard drive storage and I just remembered why. Husband does not back up his iPhone. He says Apple screwed him up when they tried to help him restore from backup once. Wife, my daughter, has an iPad but does not sync or back it up [ has a jillion pictures on it ] and has a digi camera that I'm not sure she backs up either. Being on their Mac and seeing the MESS just about made me burp,belch,tossup.

I think I should just do away with my Macs and become a PC person so no one will ask me to help with Mac problems. I am getting too old for this stuff. wink I'm feeling mighty low tonight. The sun will come up tomorrow.


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