Rather a conundrum . I mostly use my phone for just that. Phoning . Occasionally I use the Internet on it because normally I have my ipad with me.

I do use the camera more and more, but the camera in my iPhone 4 is lame. I have a hard time getting anything but junk with it. Okay to show folks stuff but its because they will accept any crappy image.

My son in law, also a photographer, has a IPhone 5 and gets some good pictures. Course he has kids so he uses it often and works at using it.

I'm hoping the new phone will be even better as a camera.

One reason I might get the new model is that I will give my old one to a friend of mine. I gave her my old iPad which she, naturally, became addicted to . I'd like to help her out.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time