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I guess that would be a little time saving device. Personally, I don't have a need for it. Since my hands are usually on the KB, I just use the volume keys there (I'm not a slave to the mouse). My wife, however, always reaches for the mouse even when her fingers are right over the Return and Tab keys. She'll be the one with RMD someday and also explains her ability to kill mice.
I have a Logitech 7 button mouse that I have tweaked in all my apps, to minimize keyboard repetitive motions, so it really comes in handy for me.

For example Safari, besides the scroll wheel, I have Control-Click, Command-Click, Command-W, Command-R, Back, and now two more, zoom in and out assigned, since I no longer have to have volume assigned to those. Except for typing text I'm not a slave to the keyboard in Safari. Lean back and let a few clicks take care of most of the the surfing.

I also learned to mouse left handed around 15 years ago, the right hand is the one I've beat up over the years from wrenching and computers etc. (Insert Beavis jokes here.) With that and a wrist brace for few years a ways back I've been able to forgo surgery, and get rid of the numb hand.