It's another internal religious war, not a political one, with
very little to no understanding of even the basic difference
between a Sunni & Shiite, good luck dubbing ANYONE right
or wrong, good or bad.

Of course other countries in the region (even Al-Qaeda)
are jumping into it.. they all have a stake in the game,
WE'RE the Outsiders there, and you guessed it! No matter
what we do, WE'RE going to come-across as "THE Enemy".

I understand why Obama HOPES to stop the use of
chemical weapons ASAP... and perhaps offer what non-
military aid we can until they sort it out forthemselves,
but IMHO there's about as much chance of that as the
Irish Catholics and English Protestants ever seeing
eye-to-eye, other than the temporary truce they forged
on the decision to join together to fight the Muslims
following the 9/11 catastrophe.

That Said, ...Becoming "THE ENEMY" that UNITES THEM
just doesn't sound all that appealing, at least AFAIC! blush