His red line is the international law, the world's red line. Obama didn't set the red line, the international legal standard, but he has always taken a stand to enforce it as Commander in Chief. He has doubled down on his statement that the red line is also a moral standard of human rights also set by international law.

But you and the Weekly Standard ( and FoxNews and Limbaugh and Hannity, blah blah blah) can feign ignorance of this and any normal comprehensive skills and call the President a freaking liar because of the unfiltered hatred of him and outright outrage that he is Commander in Chief. I accept your blind hatred. Good for you. During election season there's a term called "idiot wind" that describes this type of deliberate twisting and parsing of words to validate a "freaking liar" comment. You nailed it John.

I don't want to start a pissing war with you and I'm not going to post any more in this thread, and yes I am an ardent supporter of President Obama and I'm biased as all getout, but this nonsense is best left to the paid blowhards at the Weekly Standard and not the Soapbox where the troll bait leaves no room for dialog, only confrontational reponses like mine in taking your bait. No hard feelings, but you post sucks.


Edit: I completely misunderstood your post, my apologies. You were obviously calling the Weekly Standard's DANIEL HALPER a freaking liar.