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They are the party of No now because they aren't in the White House. Back during Reagon and the Bushes, they were for most of what the president wanted. Itwas the Demos who sad "No"

Now it's the opposite.

Politics as usual.


Not nearly "usual" -- Reagan, the Bushes and Clinton enjoyed a loyal opposition willing to work with them on many issues to actually get things accomplished. In fact, pretty much every President until Obama had an opposition party willing to compromise on at least some things and interested in actually making the government work. The Gingrich revolution marked the beginning of the mainstream right's slow descent into a political and ideological zealotry that really doesn't have an analogue on the left until you get to the looney fringes. The political nihilism of congressmen on the right who are anti-government and more than happy to have everything collapse is pretty much unprecedented ...

So, yeah, not really politics "as usual" unless we consider the current state of the Right as the new normal (shudder!) ...