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Took me a while to get used to it.
I was used to the original movie.

me too also;
Once you've enjoyed the original "M*A*S*H"
& "Stalag 17" the series seems a trifle silly.

Perhaps you've noticed (...perhaps not...)
but a phrase I often use "Finest Kind" is actually from the Book "M*A*S*H"

Trapper receives orders to rush to Kokura, Japan for a medical emergency. Trapper and Hawkeye depart immediately with their golf clubs. The "emergency" turns out to be a routine operation; the anesthesiologist turns out to be "Me Lay" Marston, an old friend of Hawkeye's who works at Dr. Yamamoto's Finest Kind Pediatric Hospital & Whorehouse ("Finest kind" becomes one of Hawkeye's catchphrases).

ok, so I'm still a bit of a Tom-Boy
I grew up watching "World At War" and "Victory At Sea"
with my older brother, and "Catch 22" is STILL my Favorite Book.