I noticed it (maybe 5-7?) years ago **

as far as I remember
it started with COFFEE mad
...one of Life's 'STAPLES'...

then pasta went - brand by brand smirk
....since then, it's become pervasive.

Take your tri-focals along when marketing and
Learn to Comparison-Shop using UNIT PRICE TAGS
On Shelves to QWIK COMPARE Prices Per Ounce by Brand.

** Same GREEDY Capitalistic BS as putting the least expensive
brands out-of-reach, placing CANDY at eye-level with kids
in shopping carts, & impulse items next to the checkout
Moving items to the End of the Aisle... giving one the
(mistaken) impression that the item is on sale.

And MY FAVORITE! .99 to psych you into
thinking everything "IS LESS THAN A DOLLAR"

Doano about anyone else, but when I buy an
item for $499.99 I feel like bouncing the friggin'
PENNY off the back of the f'n manager's head! mad

At least a dozen more "Tricks" to increase PROFIT
and see families struggling to make ends meet
a little poorer for the shopping experience.