OK - eMailed my 2 Senators and Congressman. They're all Rs so they may not support the POTUS any way. Hard to tell with Cruz- he's so "out there " ... he needs a space suit to breathe !! wink

And Gohmert is even beyond Cruz !!! He's lunar (or looney)... but the moons are of Uranus not earth's !! crazy

Made it short & sweet.

Honorable XXX,

My wife and I are strongly against ANY involvement in Syria. We need to keep our noses OUT ! We are very sympathetic to the Syrian people, but there are dozens of similar dictators around the world committing similar atrocities. We understand the President's position and his humanitarian response, BUT we cannot afford to be the "World's policeman", especially when others will not step forward with us. We have too many domestic problems at home to address that were neglected because of our long and unwarranted involvement in Iraq. We need to focus our resources rebuilding our infrastructure and getting the economy and business firing on ALL cylinders. Please keep us out of another ME mess by voting NO !! This issue is of VERY HIGH importance to us !!

David and Judy Cox