Even though the berries are poisonous to people
birds are immune to their toxin, and like them
very much, the same as they love to little white
berries of Poison Ivy. So much so, that they make
it a point to plant both every where they s_it.

When we entertained a member of the local Audubon
Society, during the post-lecture Q&A someone asked;
'what can we plant to attract more birds to our
yard?' the lecturer just smiled and said; "You
don't need to plant anything. If you have a clothes
line the birds will plant whatever they like." smile

It took about 5 seconds for that to Sink-In blush

What I'm saying is, that's the reason we're plagued
with the like of Poison Ivy, Poke & Mulberry that
seem to plant themselves in every inaccessible fence
line, and hedgerow on God's Green Earth mad