Sorry Bunkey laugh

I think just about everything that needed saying
had already been said:

TEDtalk, MIKE ROWE - DIRTY JOBS; Learning From:

Anything more would have been A SPOILER
it was purely for Entertainment thought the Guys
would be a bit surprised, amused, ..& reflective
if not, close the video..and Move-On.. no biggie.

Since I don't see it as anymore cryptic than MANY
"GUESS WOT!?!" Topics I see posted here... I'm
left to assume that you received a complaint..?

I suppose I COULD HAVE Replied,
"SUCK BALLS", or even "BITE ME"
but then had you not watched the TED Video,
I doubt you'd have gotten the humor behind it.

So we'll try this instead:

A classic from the TED Talks archive: Mike Rowe,
the host of "Dirty Jobs," tells powerful, sometimes
colorful stories from real-life jobs. He shares a
deep insight about the nature of hard work
--- and why we should give it a little more respect.

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