It is not only WalMart, the trend in my area is to pay only minimum wage and then only work a person "part time"...20 to 25 hours a week...not only does a worker get low pay but absolutely no benefits...even if someone is lucky enough to get to work a 38 hour week (still considered part time here) the $250 or so is less than what that person could get on public assistance...

At a grand a month before tax and having to work for it, or more than a grand in assistance and not working most will choose not working

For a family of three food EBT (food stamps) is over $400,
EBT cash, sometimes called TANIF is another $400, another $300 for unemployment per person so thats $600, thats $1400 cash with no tax taken out..then add to that free baby sitting or day care,
free food from various churches, free public transportation,and getting on disability is not that hard..add another unknown dollar any income from child support payments that are used not for the college classes...
not to mention someone in the household is working off the books
for cash...makes perfect since to me not to work on the books

There are cases where a household needs help and it should be given those those people who need it

In the end if businesses would pay a living wage there would be more people who would be working, and paying taxes