I'm with you YoYo ! Plus after 65-66 you can draw SS AND work too... so how would that save the Govt $$ ?? I guess you'd be paying some in.... but minimal compared to your SS check.

According to the SS Admin, IF you live to your predicted age (statistics) it does NOT matter if you draw early, on time, or Late - you'll still get the SAME amount of $ !! Read that on line and a SS officer confirmed it... so that story was a piece of BS !!

They can fix the system until 2100 if they want but it would mean taxing the rich at the same rate as the working stiff !! Like you said, lift the $113,000 cap !

I will say 1 thing the "working Joe" has just about had enough from these clowns...I'm referring to the fast food workers strike... and others will follow.