Impeach Obama
They are such CRY-babies !! What in the hell has he done to deserve Impeachment?

Obamacare...?? it's Constitutionally SOUND - the SCOTUS voted on it !!!

Benghazi ? W had 9-11 . . I think that was more serious !!

Syria ? We've not decided that yet.

They cite ""He has no regard for the U.S. Constitution. Laws don't seem to affect him," And W did ?? Lied to get us to attack Iraq !! They are such hypocrites and double standard kooks.

I think it's just right wing BS drummed up by the likes of the Koch Brothers, Trump, Beck, Fox News, and other TP wackos ! Even if the House voted to Impeach there is NO way the Senate will vote to convict. But I guess if you vote 40 times to overturn a Constitutional LAW, you can do anything out of desperation !! sick
David (OFI)