I don't think Obama should attack Syria. At the same time, I am just completely sick of the way in which every daµned thing becomes so intensely politicized that you can't think clearly about policy issues--period. Case in point: the republicans who, if Obama were Bush, would be demanding immediate action, are now demanding that Obama abrogate the War Powers Act (a horrible law--don't misunderstand me!) and act only with congressional permission; and the democrats who, if Obama were Bush, would be demanding congressional permission, are now demanding that Obama act without congressional ok.

Give. Me. A. Break.

Stuff like this should not be a political volleyball game. So although I recognize what the republicans are doing, for once I agree with them. Presidents can fight wars, but only with congressional approval. That's the Constitution, and that should be the practice. But that hasn't been the case since the end of WW II, and that horrible War Powers Act is a way of giving the appearance of legality to something that is completely illegal.

So no attack on Syria--and let Congress say so!
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