I don't need a lecture about other people's son's going to war. I'm not advocating going to war.
The way people are talking about Syria being in a bubble, and if chemical weapons are used there to kill people in a civil war it is no concern or involvement of the US & allies.

My daughter flies home on Monday, and we've talked about the situation. My point was that proximity to chaos changes one's outlook. Israelis live with this every day. From a TV screen or a website we personally have no proximity.

No one has talked boots on the ground, Obama and Kerry specifically said just the opposite. I don't believe either have said a word about any specific action, yet everyone is acting like we've already unleased Shock & Awe v.2 and we're rolling tanks into Baghdad Damascus.

Did Kerry say diplomacy & negotiations first? or did I just imagine that?

I said earlier (with a typo)
I don't believe there will be a strike on Libya Syria. I think there will be a demand for UN Peacekeepers and increased leverage on Putin to stop his sh!t.

Just this last Monday weren't all the news reports saying the US would bombing Syria on Thursday (yesterday)?

Over on Democratic Underground there are threads like "Syrian chemical attack killed 1,429 so we will kill 200,000 in response." This is like FoxNation or FreeRepublic everyone hates Obama for the war in Syria we seem to have already started.