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Exposure to what?
Well… I've either been very lucky, or very proactive, but I've had very little spam with the same email account for years.
Little Snitch has nothing to do with that. That all has to do with how you use your email address, and your ISP's or web host's filters. Except for Apple's most freebie accounts like yahoo etc have not so good spam filters. I've been using the same emails based out of my website for over 15 years and rarely receive any, I never see it, it's deleted before it even gets to my account. I used to get a bunch years back, but Network solutions now has great filters. Sometimes maybe a little too good, I have to occasionally put domains or email addresses on my white list with them.

My yahoo account on the other hand that I use for most online registrations is another story. I get over 100 every day in my Spam folder, and maybe 20-30 to my inbox. If I have any doubt of the integrity of who is getting my email address I use my yahoo account.