Okay, I always have to explain myself even though I never lie and I'm always right. grin

Although LittleSnitch advertises all of the "security" benefits it offers, they have to sell it, right? it's main use is to block hacked apps from calling home for registration or to check for updates which may break the hacked app. It's one of those "this is what it's used for" apps wink wink, or wink. grin

The rest of the blocked connections one chooses are mainly the developer of the app trying to collect data from cookies about the software they've worked hard to develop to make it better for you in the future. Some say it slows the network down more than helps by checking the multiple IP addresses each web page goes to, especially after the Snitch database grows after long term use.

But what do I know. smirk

Believe me, I'm no guru (I think I've demonstrated that quite well).
We do agree on something, and I won't mention the new member you accidentally banned. cry