grin Yeah...
...we gotta' stop meeting like this!

As I recall, you were also the only person here that
had even read "The Watchman" way-back-when.

The Plot Thickens

...and yes, about T-Dream...
IMDb tagged the Score as "Unique & Nightmarish"
I've seen T-Dream 7 or 8 times Live in concert.
Each movie score is unique to the project...
...but when my BF heard "Sorcerer" for the first
time it made him physically shutter. eek

You see, being too young for Nam.. he served his
time in the Panama Canal Zone... The first thing
he said was "OH GOD! They captured 'the FEEL' of
what it's like to be in an oppressive jungle..
...closing in from all sides... AND THE INSECTS!" cry

The noise surrounds you... permeates your very
thoughts... Day & Night... screeching parrots,
howling monkeys & the constant whine of INSECTS.

He said William Friedkin was spot-on capturing
the ever present rain & mud, sweat & stench of
mildew and rotting EVERYTHING---EVERYTHING!