I downloaded and watched Repo Man. I had never seen any of it before. I think I was confusing it with Remo Williams... blush

Warning, if this movie is on your to see list, there are spoilers below..

Anyway, I am not sure what I just saw. Maybe you had to see it back in the 80s or something. Maybe I would have loved it back then. I did like some stuff - Diuretics and all the generic product jokes.

Beyond that? This movie is called sci-fi because of that car, seemingly for lack of anything better to do with the plot. I don't mind that the special effects were cheesy, I get that it was deliberate, but... They run quickly from one side of town to the other looking haphazardly and half-heartedly for this car. And then the movie ends with some kind of Willy Wonka thing.. Don't get it. Obviously 98 percent of people see something I didn't.

I read reactions of people trying to make this movie deep, looking for post modernist elements and looking into the deeper meanings for example of having a woman who complained about her garbage being knocked over in one scene later appearing in a police station in another. Meaning? It was for lack of anything better to do in this plot. Emilio randomly taking off his pants and expecting sex? Different I'll admit, but funny? The two name actors did what was expected of them admirably but I guess I need more direction.

I should make it clear I usually LOVE these kinds of movies. It made me think of Eat and Run, one of my favorite "out there" movies, with Ron Silver. And it actually goes somewhere. Anyone seen that movie? Or Eating Raoul? Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, which was mentioned earlier I even preferred to this.
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