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OH, that case ought to be interesting !!

Doesn't Trump have to produce his birth certificate first - I mean can you sue a non-citizen ? whistle

Only downside is $40 million is lunch money to him !! mad

In case you missed the Lawrence O'Donnell rants;
he's questioning both THE Donald's Credentials
...AND his Alleged Billion Dollar Bank Account.

Larry Challenges THE Donald to "Put-Up or Shut-Up"
his incessant boasting about his ability to Hire and
Fire/Make or Break individuals including politicians.

Lawrence accuses him of flaunting the wealth he
once had in order to convince greedy people that
"he's still got it" in order to keep them kissing
his ring hoping to be in on a big pay-off one day.
Nothing but a BLOW-HARD w/A BAD COMB-OVER.