Again withe the movie mess up. But it just leads me to another worthless, but to me, interesting bit of knowledge.

I was watching this vey poor western staring Casper Van Dien, Aces 'n Eights. In the film, set in the old west near Nogales AZ., he is shown eating .

The way he was eating wouldn't have been utilized by folks like him in that time period.

He was eating in the European or continental style. Which is holding the fork, tines down in the off hand and holding the knife in the strong hand. Both held in the over hand position. With the handles running along the palm and palms down. Then after the food is cut to continue in that position to use the off hand to transferr the parcel to the mouth

Americans would have been eating in the traditional American style with holding the fork tines down in the off hand and holding the knife in the right only for the cutting. Then transferring the fork to the strong hand where it's held with tines up in an underhand position to transfer the bite sized parcel to the mouth.

I've noticed this discrepancy many times in films.

So, my question is: How do you eat, American or European style.

Me, as you might surmise, I use the American method.

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