DEAR GOD! I understood all that.

At the risk of sounding like the Monty Python
'4 Yorkshiremen' Sketch "Up-Hill! BOTH WAYS!"

As Illustrators, we weren't allowed all them fancy
schmancy mechanical drawing devices.

We weren't allowed eXacto Knives (We used single-edge
razor blades, not only for layouts, but to sharpen
our pencils ((along with a sandpaper block)).)
Nor Rapid-o-graphs... we used a ruling pen.

Fuk press on letters... we HAND Lettered everything.

Krikey Paulette had it even worse.. as a Fine Artist
she was made to make her own charcoal, grind her own
paints, and stretch her own canvases. frown

The only modern stuff we were allowed was Grumtine,
rubber cement thinner & all the Bestine we could eat,
kneaded erasers, a SS T-Square, a true edge drawing
board and a bigassed leather zipper portfolio.

What sux is after 40 years, I still have my tons of
equipment covering about 20 different methods & media
all stored in the attic and hall closet.

Shytes harder to part with than an obsolete Mac Collection. smirk