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We used to go in the darkroom and photo transfer...

In art school we used a local graphics house that made stats for us of finished art they were moderately expensive. I inked a logo on illustration board, scratched/cleaned the edges, white out mistakes, etc it would cost like $20 for them to put it under the camera and have a nice crisp black&white 8x10 photo print (ready the next day) . then I'd spray mount it onto gray illustration board and tape a sheet of acetate over it. If I had time, I'd skip the tape & acetate and stop by the graphics house and pay them about $5 to shink-wrap it. This was the typical hoop to jump thru to show final projects in class, and it got expensive.

If I needed to apply the logo to a package design ( a bottle, carton, a book cover, a poster) I'd have to pay for these transfers called PMTs. They were like a letraset rub down of my original art, and they could be made in any pantone color. Those got really expensive and tragic if they didn't tranfer perfectly on the first try.

Those were the days.