Interesting to see you guys looking back on older tools of your profession. I still have my enlarger I ought back in the early '80's. I had just bough a new house (new for me) and hired one of my photo students, a carpenter, to build a darkroom for me. From scratch and with my needs. The Enlarger is a Vivitar VI with dicloric color head. Loved that enlarger. It was too tall to fit on the work space of my darkroom so I had the carpenter cut out a section of the countertop and attach the enlarger directly to it to save an inch or so of height. Those times ti needed to go big and needed the height, I could lower that section of countertop. Worked like a charm.

Asi said , I still have that enlarger and head with lenses . I would give it away.

Ah the past

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time