Going through some old photo albums and came across some fading pics from '73 when I was in my last year at MassArt as a Graphic Design major. Just kicking back in my studio apt. and the stuff in the background triggered a nostalgia tsunami.

I'm remembering the must-have tools of the trade back then (Sellers, you know what I'm talkin' about):

60" or 72" hollow core door straddling a pair of adjustable Charrette trestles
40" Charatex-coverd Mayline drafting board with precision sliding straight edge
100-pen AdMarker set
A rotary pen & tool holder
Pica ruler
A sharpener for mechanical drafting pencils with a stab-me ring
Xacto knife and #11 blades
Rubber cement, thinner, and pickups (or a waxer if you were hi-tech)
Non-repro blue pencils
Gum erasers
Set of RapidoGraph drafting pens
Multi-roll clip-on tape dispenser
Dozens of sheets of LetraSet
Rolls of Rubylith and Amberlith
Pads of trace and layout paper
Stacks of illustration board
Pantone color guides (they were cheap back then)
And your big-ass portfolio

I compare that to today's digital tools and I realize how much fun I've been missing! cool