Ripper Relish

They ain't just "Hot-Dogs" either...
They're a beef/pork combo with a
tough outter casing that bursts when
deep fried in hot oil and there are
several degrees of "doneness" made
to order...

I'm guessing that way back when...
The Now Famous RIPPER was A Mistake.
a lucky mistake... but mistake never
the less. The degrees of doneness was
another mistake, made by accidentally
not fishing it out soon enough when
things get "Hairy" there.

Plucking bobbing sausages from bubbling
fat with greasing tongs 2 & 3 at a pop
waiting on customers 3 deep at the rush
hour... sometimes they don't get got
until they're downright CRUNCHIE!! grin

...but thaz OK, there was always somebody
on hand That LIKED THEM THAT WAY! laugh

Now you can order them; Hot Dog, Ripped,
Well Done Ripper, Leathery or Crisp. smile