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Now Sean over at FB says that it's best to buy your phone without a contract--somehow or other you pay full price for the phone, but the monthly charges for the wireless connection is less than it is under the two year contract. Adding up the difference over the course of two years, you save about 600 bucks over that period of time. I've never figured out how an unlocked phone works, though. I guess you have to arrange to get a carrier without a contract?
Good questions. I am ready to drop the landline so I was going call anyway. I rang my friendly neighborhood ATT 611. Thx cool

I knew about unlocked phones but not Sean's idea.

An unlocked phone can be used with any carrier. IOW if you bought your phone from ATT you can legally unlock it. IOW if it's out of contract/paid for. You can then use it with TMobile for example, which uses the same technology/towers as ATT. Unlocking is different from jailbreak BTW.

As far as Bring Your Own Phone I had never researched that. ATT offers BYOP prepaid (monthly) plans, as opposed to contracts which are postpaid (monthly) plans that you don't bring your own phone to, but on the postpaid they lock you into a contract with the "free" (at the time) phone. With the prepaid plan you do get a "substantial" discount on a new phone, after 2 years.

A BYOP prepaid plan, Unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 2G data is only $60 a month. Right now I'm paying $70 for 450 minutes, 20 per text plan that I'm always at around $10 on, 3G data, which I don't get close to, but do go over the stock 300M a month at times so for $10 more it's worth it.

The same plan under contract would be $95. It's just a matter of coming up with the $700 ahead of time for a iPhone 5x that is coming out soon as opposed to paying more over the next two years. My buyout on my contract for 10 months is about $200. With the unlimited cell plan I can drop my landline. $10 less for all I can eat cell, + $40 less for landline. I can sell my pristine always in an OtterBox under AppleCare till June 4S for around $4-500 on ebay.

This was all at first quick check, I'll have to double check tomorrow, but it seems that BYOP is a lot cheaper than financing your phone through the carrier.