Or just plain old dogs. ATT has a new program called ATT Next. It allows you to trade in an old phone every year, with no upgrade or activation fee and no money up front. Instead, you pay the cost of the phone over a 20-month period. The slyness comes in when you look at the per month cost. For an iPhone 5, you pay 27 per month. Over 20 months that adds up to . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . 540 bucks, which is just shy of the full cost of the phone without the discount you get if you re-up for a 2-year contract. Doing a new 2-year contract reduces the cost of the iPhone 5 to 200 bucks, and the activation fee is 36 bucks. So Next allows you to have a new phone yearly, and for that privilege you pay an extra 300 bucks. What a deal!
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