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What a pretty dog. Is she the same breed as the dog the prez daughters have? That one doesn't shed at all!

My daughter has a chocolate lab. Kobe was so rambunctious as a puppy, that she had to take him to dog obedient school. Since at the time she had a newborn, her hubby was like, somebody gots to go & it ain't going to be the baby.
School lasted for 8 weeks. Even had a graduation ceremony. I even got an invitation from Kobe. laugh

I would love to get a dog. Love puppies. Everytime I go into Petsmart store, I have to shield my eyes as I pass the adoption center.
However, I am beyond that "take the dog out during snow, rain & God knows what type of weather" person. Reason why I have a "take care of their own damn selves" cat. smile

They have a portuguese water dog. I have a mix Lab & poodle