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I have no plans on seeing this in the movies. Will wait for it to come on HBO in about 3 months time. whistle
The reason is because....

A few weeks ago I downloaded off of YouTube the whole mini series "Backstairs At The White House"

The whole mini series can be downloaded from YouTube starting from part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usxKGAKEpIY

Thanks. I'll view that.

Here is a review of The Butler.

And, on a page with lots of different reviewers, one:

The film, which was shot in New Orleans, gets a tentative thumbs up from Mike Scott, the film critic at The Times-Picayune. "For all of its Oscar-bait hallmarks -- from its pedigreed cast to its civil rights themes -- Daniels' unevenly paced film has its share of narrative missteps," Scott writes."In addition, there's the fact that Daniels is the type of filmmaker who is more inclined to slap audiences in the face with his message than he is to traffic in anything resembling subtlety.